Sleeping owl was caught by a photographer on Elagin Island

14 December 2020

On December 12, on Elagin Island, visitors noticed a sleeping wild forest owl.

"It was a very interesting day. The bright winter sun helped a lot with it. It seemed like an owl was sitting, resting, and nothing happened. Well, what's wrong with that? But no. It turned out that it could do a lot of things both in its sleep and half asleep. Either it smiled, squinting, then yawned, scratched itself, hid in its rich plumage, or even a pika looked for a visit. What? Pika? But no! Of course a squirrel! Hmm ... "I'll hide better", thought the owl ... And then, at all, it decided to spit the pellet, and the sun was looked into its open mouth, and even was shined through the owl's throat, it was glowed red through the feathers! Oh! Well, those dangerous fluffy paws! It's impossible beauty! ", shared the emotions about the owl in the group in the social network "Birds of St. Petersburg and Russia".