Gastronomic Festival in Kaluga

18 December 2020

From 18 to 20 December 2020, the Gastronomic Festival will take place in Kaluga city realized by the Federal Agency for Tourism (Russiatourism).

In one place the festival will bring together 50 organizers of gastronomic paths forward and national gastronomic tourism products from the regions of the Russian Federation, 12 world-renowned experts in this scope and more than 5000 guests from Russia. Online and offline formats will be available. Among the participants will be manufacturers of authentic gastronomic products and/or organizers of gastronomic trips in their region.

On December 18, for 20 participants, an exclusive training meeting will be held on the development of unique tourism products based on the gastronomic resources of the region. On December 19, the Festival area will be opened to guests, and participants will be able to present their gastronomic paths and demonstrate their talents in cooking authentic gastronomic dishes to a wide audience here. Besides, on this day it is going to see secrets of successful work and project organization from the industry experts.

On December 20, participants and experts of the Festival will think about future trend and create a basic concept for supporting the development of gastronomic tourism for 2021-2025.

At the end, the ceremony of awarding participants for their input to this event will be held. Detailed information about the Festival, participants, experts and the prize pool is available on the website: