The installation of the main Christmas tree of Saint Petersburg has been completed

21 December 2020

Everyone could see it on the Palace square

It was decided that in 2020 will appear a real tree. The tree, which is 86 years old came to the Palace square from Hittolovo village in Leningrad Region.

As a decoration there were used 5 thousand meters of led garlands, 300 meters of garlands with retro lights, 300-meters long garland with small flags and 300 Christmas toys, which were handmade and hand painted. Some more small Christmas trees complete the festive composition.

The tree will stay on the Palace square till the 15th of January and then it will be removed from the mail square of the city. Some of tree branches will be brought to centers, who help animals. From the tree trunk masters will make New Year souvenirs, which will be brought to children’s community.