Christmas Decorations Have Appeared on Christmas Trees in the Foyer of the Hermitage Theater

23 December 2020

On December 21, 2020, the “Fairy Tale Hermitage” festive evening, dedicated to the results of the international competition for the best Christmas tree decoration, took place at the Hermitage Theater.

This is a good tradition of the museum on the eve of the New Year and Christmas holidays. More than 500 people from different countries took part in the competition on Monday. The geography of the holiday has expanded from Latin America to Southeast Asia. The Expert Council, headed by Mikhail Piotrovsky, selected 100 finalists. The Christmas tree decorations created by the authors became the decoration of the New Year trees in the Foyer of the Hermitage Theater. The Grand Prix of the competition was won by the work of a young resident of St. Petersburg Marina Vasyushkina - "St.George defeating the snake" (main photo). The first place was awarded to Elena Tyurina for the Christmas tree decoration "The Restorer and Danae".

The second place was taken by Elena Rogovaya, who created the work "Whoever does good, evil will not harm him."

The honorable third place was given to the “Nutcracker and the Mouse King” toy by Irina Yagunova.

The “Audience Choice Award” from the Hermitage visitors was won by the Christmas tree decorations: “Thanks to the doctors” and “Firefighter”. A special nomination - "Strengthening international friendly contacts between Russia and Malaysia" - was awarded to Christmas tree decorations, which were sent to the competition by the Malaysian charitable foundation.

You can see Christmas tree decorations in the foyer of the Hermitage Theater until January 20, 2021.