Service for conducting voting «City Dialogue» launched on the portal of the Unified card of a Saint Petersburg citizen

23 December 2020

«City Dialogue» is a platform for electronic voting on urban development issues. The main task of the service is to make Saint Petersburg a comfortable and well-organized city, taking into account the opinions of local residents.

The service will conduct surveys on various aspects of city life: from evaluating the work of management companies, cleaning territories in municipal districts and developing the tourist attractiveness of Saint Petersburg to expressing an opinion on the fate of city-wide projects, events and holidays.

The results of the polls will be submitted to the executive authorities and specialized institutions for the implementation of the necessary measures. In addition to that, citizens will receive points for active participation in voting. The savings can be exchanged for prizes from the project partners in the Rewards Store.

The service is available on the portal of the Unified card of a Saint Petersburg citizen, and in the EKP mobile application.