VI International Business Forum “Hotel Business Forum 2020: Controlled Drift” was held online

23 December 2020

The long-awaited international forum of hoteliers “HOTEL BUSINESS FORUM 2020” took place on November 25-27, 2020. This year it was “relocated” online while still preserving its values. The topic of the forum was “Controlled drift”.

atmosphere of a business event, including the stage and the opening ceremony. The broadcast was conducted from a real studio at the premises of one of the conference sites with real guests – representatives of the Russian Federal Agency for Tourism and key public organizations in the field of Tourism and Hospitality: Federation of Restaurateurs and Hoteliers, National  Hospitality Industry Union, professional moderators and visiting experts. Informative speeches by headliners and speakers, flash mobs and networking helped each participant to get involved in the three-day work of the forum.

The organizers focused on anti-crisis solutions: from restructuring business models to forming a new strategy to make the business less dependent on external circumstances and fluctuations. The main “feature” of the forum was an individual track – a business strategy for 2021, which each HBF-2020 participant received after mastermind sessions.

HBF is a large-scale and high-quality educational platform for progressive hoteliers in Russia and the CIS countries, where advanced knowledge and modern management practices are presented. The event has existed for seven years, is conceptual in nature, like all author’s projects of Alexey Volov’s team. The idea of ​​the forum is annually revealed in its slogan “HBF: Knowledge. Technology. Art”, for these are the timeless components of every hotelier’s success.

“The 2020 crisis made us forget everything we’ve learned before. It is gratifying to know that at HBF our team and invited experts helped many hoteliers look at the business world from a new angle. We received lots and lots of reviews, which means we are doing everything right”, comments Alexey Volov.

HBF results:

  • The Forum was attended by over 700 Hoteliers from Russia and the CIS countries;
  • More than 500 ideas were generated;
  • 30 business sessions were held;
  • 6 discussions and analyses were conducted in the studio with moderators and experts;
  • 8 master-mind sessions were held.

Information about the project is available on the official website. (