Participant registration for season 2of the nationwide competition “Masters of Hospitality” continues

23 December 2020

November 17, 2020, marked the start of the second season of the all-Russian professional competition “Masters of Hospitality”. The competition is held by the Presidential Platform “Russia – a Land of Opportunities” with support from the Federal Agency for Tourism (Rostourism) and the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs as authorized bythe Supervisory Board of the independent nonprofit organization “RSV” chaired by the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. The competition is meant to enhance the prestige of hospitality professions, as well as to implement new projects aimed at developing domestic tourism.

of Russia were submitted for the first season of the competition, which ended in October 2020. Following the results of the competition, 62 winners from 29 regions of the Russian Federation were selected; during a pitch session with the executives of Rostourism, it was decided to support three projects presented by the competition winners from Moscow, Irkutsk and Leningrad regions.

The 2021“Masters of Hospitality” competition will be held in three stages: registration and qualifying round, regional semifinals and the final. The qualifying stage (online testing) will take place in February 2021. As part of it, experts will assess competitors’ general and professional knowledge, intellectual abilities and job skills. In addition to expertise evaluation, professionals in the hospitality industry will rate the participants’projects. The authors of the best projects will be able to submit them for consideration by the mentors of the Competition. The final will take place in the spring of 2021.

The competition is open to both established professionals, managers, heads of tourism and tourism-related organizations, as well as budding specialists in the hospitality industry, and students.

Currently, the Competitionis undergoing the participantsregistration stage, which will last until January 15, 2021. Official website of the competition:

The primary innovation of the Competition’s second season is the special section “Masters of hospitality. Students ”, which main objective is to implement the best project initiatives in the tourism and hospitality industry in Russia. The Competition is supported by the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs.

“Masters of hospitality.Students ” is an opportunity:

  • to win a projectgrant (up to 1,5 million rubles)
  • to gain benefits for entering specialized Master’s programmes
  • to get mentored by hospitality industry leaders and winners of the first season of the competition
  • to meet industry’s top employers and get your dream job offer.

Conditions of participation in the Competition:

  • Age 18 through 30
  • At the time of registration, one must be a student of anacademic institution of elementaryvocational/secondary vocational/higher vocational/postgraduate vocational education
  • Citizenship of theRussian Federation.

“Masters of Hospitality”, second season.