Several tram routes will be suspended from working in Saint Petersburg

24 December 2020

It will be impossible to use them for four days.

Due to the necessity to eliminate the accident on the water supply in the tramway area from 01:15 on December 24 to 05:00 on December 28, tram traffic along Aviakonstruktorov prospect from Dolgoozernaya street to Shavrova street  will be closed. It was reported by the «Elektrotrans» State Unitary Enterprise.

It is noted that traffic will be closed for the tram 18 and a part of its trams will be passed to the route 47. The route 47 will go from Staraya Derevnya subway station along Gakkelevskaya street, Optikov street, Staroderevenskaya street to Ilyushina street and  along the existing highway to Udelny Park station. Trams on the route 55 will go from Pridorozhnaya Alleya station along the current route to Baikonurskaya Street station.