"Lotos" buses will run in St. Petersburg

30 December 2020

 They will enter the routes of Kolpinsky, Krasnoselsky, Pushkinsky and Petrodvortsovy districts.

18 modern Russian-made Lotus buses will appear on the roads of St. Petersburg, the press service of the Transport Committee reported.  They were released this year at one of the Russian factories.  The new buses are capable of carrying 92 passengers at the same time; their cabins are equipped with USB chargers, an automatic air conditioning and heating system.  "The low floor and wide entrance doors make it easy to load and unload a baby carriage or wheelchair," the Committee on Transport notes.

Also in the driver's cabin of the "Lotus" there is a constant communication with the dispatcher and a video monitoring system for what is happening inside and around the bus.  In addition, these bus models comply with Euro-5 environmental standards and all modern requirements for reliability and safety.  Compressed natural gas is used as fuel.  As a result, air emissions are 100 times lower than that of diesel buses.

The new "Lotos" will soon enter the routes of the Kolpinsky, Krasnoselsky, Pushkinsky and Petrodvortsovy districts.