“Petersburg-Concert” will present the musical fantasy show "Cosmites"

13 January 2021

On 28 January, the State Horn Orchestra conducted by Serge Polyanichko will present the musical fantasy show "Cosmites" in the Small Concert Hall of the Catherine Assembly. The musical media show will be shown in concert that meets today's requirements for holding events. The premiere took place at the Boris Eifman Children's Dance Theater in early December 2020.

The State Horn Orchestra, as the successor to the unique group created back in 1751, sets the goal of not only reviving and preserving the traditions of the “wind chorus” and “living organ”, but also organically integrating the group’s sound into the modern musical and composer landscape.

The music for “Cosmites” was written by Daria Novo (Daria Novolyantseva) - a young composer, the laureate of the Youth Prize of St. Petersburg, who creates arrangements and music for cinema, theater and video games. The author of the video graphics is Andrey Svibovich, the founder of the Academy of Audiovisual Arts “Media Culture”, video artist and musician. The costumes made according to the sketches by the St. Petersburg artist and set designer Tatyana Tandzha are similar to religious habit - the members of the orchestra appear as ascetic seekers of harmonies.

According to the plot of the musical fantasy, long before the appearance of people on the Earth, creatures - cosmites - lived on the planet. While exploring the space and the surroundings, they left the planet, leaving people to look after it. But people did not get along with each other and with the Earth. After learning about how people used the opportunity to live on the beautiful planet (wars, disasters), the cosmites began their return journey. The musical fantasy "Cosmites" tells about this journey home. Elements of the chromatic scale, the individual sound of each horn make us think of the beginning of time.

The orchestra's performance is complemented with vocal by Alexandra Repina and instrumental solo performed by Vardan Harutyunyan (duduk) and Yaroslav Khloponin (trumpet, flugelhorn).

The Cosmites program proves that the State Horn Orchestra is not an anachronism, but a modern group using the timbres of authentic 19th century instruments to sound music of different eras and styles.


Photo: vk.com/petroconcert