The “Poetic Herbarium” class to be held at the A.A. Blok memorial flat

20 January 2021

This Saturday, on January 23 at 3 p.m., A.A. Blok memorial flat will give a museum lesson “Poetic Herbarium”

Alexander Blok was said to “know how to feel nature, as only few people did. The smallest, diverse species of Central Russian flora were close to him each in their own way”.

“The lesson will begin with a play-tour of the museum. We will find and examine the plants in the poet’s apartment and at the exhibition “Mother’s bent form...”, read Blok’s poems about flowers and reflect on how flowers help express the “unsvoiced”, remember the poet’s grandfather Andrei Nikolayevich Beketov, who was called the “father of Russian botanists”. After the tour, we will admire the old herbaria from the museum’s collection and create our own arrangement from pressed plants”, - the museum’s message says.

The class is meant for schoolchildren of 9 to 13 years of age as well as their relatives.