The «Collectors. XX century» exhibition is prolonged until February 28

21 January 2021

Who were famous collectors of our city, when and how did they form their collections, which are interested them and why is collecting artistic works one of the most important cultural phenomena?

The «Collectors. XX century» exhibition is devoted to the most important collectors of Saint Petersburg and their collections. It provides a unique opportunity to watch paintings, graphics, arts and crafts from 30 private collections.

The exposition will present works from the former collections of S.P. Yaremich, A.E. Burtsev, I.I. Rybakov, G.A. Kuk, S.N. Valk, P.E. Kornilov, N.N. Timofeev, I.M. Ezrakh, L.G. Loitsyansky, I.I. Paleev, I. D. Afanasyev, V.V. Novozhilov, A.F. Chudnovsky, Ya. and I. Rzhevskikh, B.D. Suris, A.N. Sidorov, I.N. Kantorovich, S.B. Laskin, V.M. Magidson and other collectors.

Guests will see picturesque paintings such as« Portrait of Ivan Shchukin» by Martiros Saryan (1911), «Portrait of the collector I.I. Rybakov» by Aleksander Golovin (1921), «Self-portrait» by Leonid Chupyatov (1925), «Incense» by Nikolai Kalmakov (1915), «In the Cabaret» byBorisGrigoriev (1913), «Still Life with Guitar» by Vladimir Lebedev (1930), «Man's Portrait» By Vladimir Tatlin (1947), paintings by Aleksander Rusakov, Vasily Kaluzhnin, David Zagoskin from the «Circle».

Graphic art will be represented by the names of Mikhail Vrubel, Valentin Serov, Filipp Malyavin, Aleksander Benois, Valentin Serov, Mstislav Dobuzhinsky, Georgy Lukomsky, theatrical works by Josef Shkolnik, Eduard Spandikov and Vladimir Tatlin, drawings by Aleksander Tyshler, Vera Ermolaeva, Nikolai Kostrov and others. The exposition will also show late 18th – early 20th century porcelain produced by the Imperial Porcelain Factory and former private factories from the collections of I.M. Ezrakh, A.A. and R.M. Timofeev, I.N. Kantorovich.