Top 10 tourist fears when booking for summer 2021

21 January 2021

Holiday accommodation booking service studied the requests of tourists for booking for the summer of 2021. It is revealed what tourists are most afraid of when booking accommodation facilities.

Top 10 fears of tourists when booking accommodation for summer 2021:

1. They are afraid that the employer may change the vacation date at any time;

2. they are afraid that there will be interruptions with water on vacation, especially in the Crimea. Constantly check on the schedule of water supply and the availability of hot water;

3. they are worried that they will not allow accommodation with a pet due to restrictions on COVID;

4. they are worried that at the next lockdown they will lose money for booking or will not be able to go on vacation.

5. constantly clarify the need to bring bedding, referring to personal hygiene;

6. they worry that they will not be isolated from other guests, requesting less passable places and more isolated ones, the request for quiet rooms has grown;

7. when corresponding with the owner, specify the need for a certificate of absence of COVID;

8. book a vacation in early spring at the sea, in order to avoid crowds of tourists;

9. tourists are afraid that the rooms will be dirty;

Here is an example of one of the fears of an independent traveler:

"Good evening, Galina! I have just booked a room in the Assol-Moret building for the period from April 18 to 24. I have two requests to you, which I ask you to pay attention to, since these are the basic conditions for a normal rest. First: there should be no traces of fungus and palas in the room. The second one: we need an open, comfortable balcony with sea views, preferably on the third floor. I really hope that I will find normal conditions for rest in your hotel. Thanks. Valentine."

10. But still book and hope that everything will go according to plan this year!

The study examined more than 5 thousand tourist requests.