We invite you to participate in the competition "Top 1000 cultural travel brands of Russia"

21 January 2021

Public interactive platform Zhivoenasledie.rf invites you to participate in the competition for the selection of "Top 1000 cultural and tourist brands of Russia."

The competition is supported by the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation, the Russian Geographical Society, the Agency for Strategic Initiatives, and the National Union of the Hospitality Industry.

The public project "Living Heritage" (“Zhivoe nasledie” on russian), implemented with the support of the Presidential Grants Fund and the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation, brings together information about objects, images, traditions, great names, memorable dates and events localized in Russian territories. The project platform aggregates information about the key cultural and tourism magnets of each region, creating a convenient service for tourists, volunteers and investors.

The first top-500 cultural brands were selected by members of the project's expert jury and described on the portal. Currently, the "Living Heritage" project is entering a new stage - compiling a list of the top 1000 cultural and tourism brands, applications for inclusion and descriptions of which will be created and sent by the participants of the competition to the site zhivoenasledie.rf.

The competition will reveal thousands of new landmarks in the country that unites us, while simultaneously creating new routes for travel and social activity. Any registered user (for example, a local historian, an expert on tourism and cultural heritage, a representative of the creative industries or tourism business, a tourist information center, government body and local government) will be able to suggest and describe  attraction of their region. In addition to compiling the top 1000, at the beginning of 2021, prizes will be awarded to the authors of the best descriptions, audience awards, special prizes from partners.

It is assumed that the list will include brands known mainly at the local level (cultural and symbolic natural objects, images, traditions and crafts, events and dates, great names, gastro brands, creative clusters) that have the potential to become points of attraction for tourists, volunteers and investors nationally and globally. An increase in the popularity of such objects and intangible phenomena through their inclusion in the Top 1000 will lead to their cultural revival and economic development of the territories.

The competition will be held on the Zhivoenasledie.rf portal, where a platform has been developed for adding and describing new attractions by the efforts of the portal community members. The competition starts on November 4 - National Unity Day. The deadline for accepting applications for the competition is January 31, 2021 (the original deadline was January 15, 2021, but the deadline was extended - details of the renewal conditions can be found here). In addition to compiling the Top-1000 list, prizes will be given to authors of the best descriptions (read about the Ticket to a Dream contest), there will also be People's Choice prizes based on the popular vote and other awards.

The project will have a wide media coverage, widely covered in the press, print and electronic media, popular blogs, which will ensure popularity of objects - participants and winners of the competition, as well as the list of TOP-1000 in general. The brands participating in the competition will be mapped and presented in the catalog of local cultural brands in Russia. Participation in the TOP-1000 competition is an effective way to promote local cultural brands, attracting the attention of tourists, the public and investors to them.

Leave your mark on the Living Heritage Map!

How to take part in the TOP-1000 competition:

  • Register on the Zhivoenasledie.rf portal.
  • Find out which brands of your region are already presented in the catalog and on the map of the ZhivoyeNasledie.rf portal.
  • Review the brand selection criteria and select description brands that meet these criteria.
  • Review the guidelines for authors and photography requirements. Prepare brand descriptions and photos according to them.
  • Start creating a brand on the Living Heritage portal according to the instructions for creating and editing brands.
  • Wait for a notification that your application has been accepted by the moderator.

For all questions regarding participation in the competition, please email top1000@livingheritage.ru

Participants of the competition are invited to the webinar "Live Heritage: access code" on January 22 at 12-00 (Moscow time). Details and registration here.

Competition Regulations:

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