The action «Medal of my memory» starts in Saint Petersburg

25 January 2021

From January 27th to March 31st, using the database «Medal «For the Defense of Leningrad»», everyone will be able to share stories about their close heroes-defenders awarded with the medal.

In order to share a story, you need to find your relative's card in the database on the website, write a short story and send it to

In a short story, you need to indicate what your relative was doing, where he worked, and what contribution he made to the defense of our city. Also, along with the information, you must attach a link to the relative's card that you found on the site.

The stories of the action participants about the defenders of Leningrad in the future will become the basis for articles and stories. The stories will also be published on the social networks of the «Medal of My Memory» project and in the media.