Oak on Yelagin Island became a nature monument of Russia

27 January 2021

An English oak tree growing in the historical part of the Kirov Central Park of Culture and Recreation is included in the National Register of Old-Aged Trees of Russia. It was given the status of a monument. The tree took part in the all-Russian program «Trees - Monuments of Nature».

A special commission expertized the external appearance of the oak - its size, trunk, crown, age, as well as historical facts and legends, related to the tree.

As noted in the press service of the park, «due to its beauty and age, the tree attracts a lot of attention from people. For the preservation of the oak, a fence and a sign with information about the new honourable status of the tree – the Monument of Nature of All-Russian Significance, were installed around it».

It is worth reminding that this oak was planted more than 300 years ago by the first owner of the island, Peter Shafirov, vice-chancellor of Emperor Peter I.

The all-Russian program «Trees - Monuments of Nature» has been implemented by the Council for the Preservation of the Nation's Natural Heritage with the support of the Federal Agency for Forestry of the Russian Federation since 2010. They find unique trees of special cultural, historical and natural value throughout Russia.




Photo: press service of the Kirov Central Park of Culture and Recreation.