The blockade tram passed through St. Petersburg

27 January 2021

The tram was brought to the city streets in honor of the 77th anniversary of the complete liberation of Leningrad from the blockade.

The blockaded motor steel tram, otherwise called MS, passed through Vasilyevsky Island. This is told by the publication "Petersburg Diary".

The report says-"The legendary tram, which was used in the most difficult time for our city, took employees and veterans of the company "Gorelektrotrans" from the Middle Avenue of Vasilyevsky Island to the Museum of Urban electric transport"

It was in the Museum of Urban Electric Transport that a new exhibition about the siege of Leningrad was opened on January 27 - “The City Sounds Silence”. The tram-car of the legendary "American" (LP-33) became the venue for the exhibition. Such tram trains were converted into ambulances during the blockade.

The exhibition will feature previously un-exhibited documents and letters from the collections of the Museum of Urban Electric Transport and the museum "Leningrad Childhood", a wartime smoker, medical equipment of the 1940s, as well as unique homemade wartime notebooks with poems and libretto "Carmen", rewritten in 1943.

You will also see a new model of the modeler Mikhail Bleskin, created on the basis of the blockade photos and recreating the harsh everyday life of Leningrad tram drivers.



Photo: Roman Pimenov/"the diary of St. Petersburg»