International festival for literature, poetry and music lovers will take place in St. Petersburg

29 January 2021

The opening of the ON-SOUND format festival “PETERSBURG BOOK LIGHTHOUSE” is scheduled for February 12, 2021 at 12 p.m. in the National Library of Russia, where, on top of the festival program, a program of events dedicated to F.M. Dostoevsky’s bicentenary will be presented.

The activities of the festival are implemented in a hybrid form (physical and digital), which, during the period of restrictions associated with the pandemic, makes it possible for writers, poets and musicians from different countries to actively participate in the events, to use a large number of physical and virtual venues, to grasp a vast reader audience in St. Petersburg, across Russia and in other parts of the world.

The “PETERSBURG BOOK LIGHTHOUSE” festival is a socially significant non-profit initiative; its content can be freely broadcast on different literary, educational and news portals, in social networks communities, as well as in libraries, museums, cultural centers, music clubs, art venues, schools, universities and other educational institutions.

The themes of the events are determined by the topics of courses: educational, entertainment, historical, business, specialized (healthy lifestyle, medicine, psychology, marine subjects, etc.), musical, courses targeted at kids, teenagers, young adults, parents.

Each day of the festival has its own focus.

February 12 – “KNOW YOURSELF”. Prose, poetry and music about oneself and one’s life, philosophical pursuits and life values, deep experiences and soul-examination.

February 13 – “HOW BEAUTIFUL THIS WORLD IS”. Texts, music and narratives about the pristine and unique beauty of the outside world.

February 14 – “ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE...”. Works about love on Valentine’s Day. The ultimate crystallization of feelings in texts, sounds and narratives in any language.

More than 100 events are scheduled to take place during the festival, with more than 100,000 people participating. All meetings will be broadcast in real-time mode daily from 12 p.m. till 12 a.m. on the festival’s YouTube channel as well as partner online channels. An interactive form of participation is also possible – anyone can ask questions to the speakers. All one has to do is register on the festival’s website, receive the program, choose the most interesting topics and join the broadcast on time.

Among the confirmed participants of the festival are:

Alexander Tsypkin, Evgeny Vodolazkin, Andrey Kurpatov, Dina Rubina, Dmitry Bykov, Mikhail Veller, Alexandra Marinina, Oleg Roy, Semyon Altov, Bronislav Vinogrodsky, Yakov Gordin, Alexander Usanin, Alexey Slapovsky, Vladimir Khokhlev, Pavel Alekseev, Denis Dragunsky, Billy Novik , Alina Guess, David Goloschekin, Andrei Konstantinov (“Terem Quartet”), Irina Nikitina (“Musical Olympus” Foundation), Sergei Pereslegin, Elena Chizhova, Eduard Tiktinsky, Olga Lukas, Alexey Sergienko, Alexander and Nicole Gratovsky, Alexander Fridman, Dmitry Miropolsky, Oleg Grinko, Dima Zicer, Sergey Yankovsky, Oleg Kuvaitsev, Sergey Fedorinov, Kristina Kretova, Anna Ignatova, Irina Zartayskaya, Igor Chechetkin, Andrey Olear, Pavel Selukov and others.

Event partners and organizers:

Russian Book Union, National Library of Russia, Boris Yeltsin Presidential Library, Federal State Budgetary Institution “Roskulttsentr”, Vladimir Mayakovsky Central City Public Library, Corporate Network of Public Libraries of St. Petersburg, St. Petersburg Committee for Culture, Committee for Press and Media Relations, St. Petersburg Committee for Tourism Development, Iconic St. Petersburg Bookstores “Bookvoed”, St. Petersburg Library Society, “EKSMO” Publishing House, Elena Shubina’s Editorial Group, Independent non-profit organization for the implementation of cultural, educational and social initiatives “SO-TVORENIE”, Independent Non-profit Organization "Implementation of Socially Important Programs “METSENAT”, “Bomba-Piter” Music publishing house, “Active World” Training Centre, Lecture Hall “Dostoevsky” educational portal, “AST” Publishers, “AudioBook (“AST”) Publishing House, the largest book service in Russia and the CIS countries “LitRes”, Russian-language Internet project and social network dedicated to literature “LiveLib”, “Piter” Publishing House, “Art-nashestvie” creative studio, musical band “Terem Quartet”, “Musical Olympus” Foundation for the support of new talents, “Musical Olympus” International Festival, St. Petersburg State Budgetary Educational Institution Secondary School № 12 with in-depth study of English, St. Petersburg State Jazz Philharmonic Hall, “Dostoevsky” Bookstore, Art Club “Books and Coffee”, etc.  

Participation in the festival is free.