New modern space will appear in the center of St. Petersburg

29 January 2021

The gastronomic CENTER will be located on almost 3 thousand square meters and will include about 30 different concepts with cuisines from all over the world.

A new space will open in July 2021 at the Nevsky Center (Nevsky Prospect 114-116). Its concept encompasses not just gastronomy, but a multifunctional meeting and meeting place for people.

“It will be a food hall with an emphasis on the leisure component. Considering the convenient location of the Nevsky Center, we want our future space to be on a par with such iconic European projects as Platea Madrid (Madrid), Lafayette Gourmet (Paris), where not only different cuisines will be collected, but the best can offer Petersburg to its residents and guests of the city ", - admits the General Director of TC" Nevsky Center "Daria Vetrova to the publication" ".

Worth reminding that various modern, youth and creative spaces exist and are developing in St. Petersburg. They are popularized among tourists by the Committee for Tourism Development of St. Petersburg within the framework of the project "New cultural and tourist geography of St. Petersburg". It includes a map of modern thematic locations and routes, second-hand, creative and leisure, scientific and educational, health, medical, family, business, industrial and many other potential opportunities of the city.