Exhibition "Architectural Monuments of the Past" - in the Historical Park "Russia - My History"

29 January 2021

On February 2, an exhibition “Architectural Monuments of the Past”by the artist Yuri Pantyukhin opens in the Historical Park “Russia - My History”.

St. Petersburg artist Yuri Pantyukhin, the author of such renowned paintings as "Alexander Nevsky", "The Siege", "Karbyshev", devotes the fair share of his creative powers to the genre of architectural landscape. Through his art he studies the heritage of ancient Russian architecture.

The history of Russia, its feats of arms, everyday life and faith have found their embodiment in the formation of the traditional image of numerous architectural complexes, in the appearance of ancient Russian monasteries and temples, as well as in provincial urban architecture.

Over the years of work at the University of Architecture, Yuri Pantyukhin was lucky to visit many historical towns of Ancient Russia. During the creative trips to the open-air practice, a huge series of sketches, landscapes and paintings was born, dedicated to the ancient cities of the Golden Ring of Russia and the cities of the Russian north.

The artist's creative interest is manifested in the breadth of his professional searches: from chamber motifs of ancient churches crowned with domes to large panoramic panoramas illustrating the architectural appearance of entire cities. The sketches created by Yuri Pantyukhin, mostly in oil on canvas, accompany the drawings as constant companions, complementing the artist's plein air practice.

The characters of Yuri Pantyukhin's paintings are churches, monasteries, ancient Russian fortresses, ancient cities - heirs and keepers of the history and culture of our country. The artist glorifies the unique heritage that has survived to this day, filling it with a sense of pride. For the genre of urban landscape, the recognition of the chosen motive, its character and image are crucial.

The theme of the architectural landscape in the art of the St. Petersburg painter Yuri Pantyukhin is not only a separate stage in the artist's biography. The pages of the stone book he wrote could be traced throughout a significant part of his career.

The author tries not to take widely known motives, but looks for new vantage points, reading in a new way the already known corners of familiar cities. The nature surrounding the architectural monuments of the north and central Russia determines the compositional and color scheme for each landscape, which the artist begins.

The exhibition runs until 28 February 2021.