Aquariums, water parks, zoos and eateries in shopping malls are opening in St. Petersburg from January 30

01 February 2021

Governor Alexander Beglov made alterations to the St. Petersburg Government Decree № 121 dated March 13, 2020 “On measures to counter the spread of a new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) in St. Petersburg”.

A number of restrictions will be liftedstarting January 30:

- All public catering facilities, including those located in shopping malls (except for food courts and food places), will be able to receive visitors around the clock;

- Maximum occupancy of concert halls,cinemas andthe circus willincrease up to 50%;

- Aquariums are opened subject to compliance with the safety standard, as well as ensuring that the oceanarium area provides at least 10 square meters per 1 visitor;

- Zoos and water parks are opened subject to the conditions previously established by the regulation;

- Museums, exhibitions, theatres, ice rinks can resume their workin shopping malls.

From January 30, the conditions for audience access to sports and athletic events will change. The simultaneous presence of spectators at an event is allowed if it amounts toa maximum of 50% of the venueoccupancy. The total number of spectators cannot exceed 15,000 people.

The following restrictions are extended until May 15:

- access of organized groups of children under 16 to theatres and the circus is prohibited;

- useof respiratoryprotective equipment and gloves is obligatory;

- sports, athletic, cultural, entertainment, festive and other events attended by more than 50 people are allowed to be held only upon the approval of a relevant executive authority of St. Petersburg, depending on the focus of the event. In particular, athletic sporting events for more than 50 participants can be carried out with the approval of the Committee for Physical Culture and Sports.

Other restrictions, previously set up until January 31, are extended until February 28.