Zanevsky Park will be reconstructed in a "space" style

01 February 2021

Zanevsky Park will be landscaped this year. The work will be carried out within the framework of the regional project "Formation of a Comfortable Urban Environment".

Zanevsky Park is one of the most popular places for walking and recreation in the Krasnogvardeysky District, the press service of the St. Petersburg Committee for City Improvement reported. Therefore, the project developers together with the residents took into account the existing footpaths and predicted the interests of people spending time in the park in the functional equipment.

It is noted that the planning solution of the park is based on the task of preserving the green landscape of the territory. “A special light scenario which provides for stepped outdoor lighting has been developed for the landscaped area. Interactive swing will be an interesting and attractive detail in the park: the brightness of the lights above them will directly depend on the amplitude of movement,” it is stated in the report.

The theme of space for the reconstruction of the park is not an accident. The green spaces appeared almost at the same time as the flight of the first woman - Valentina Tereshkova - into space in 1963.

It is also reported that twelve public spaces will be transformed in St. Petersburg in 2021. In particular, the landscaping of the Suzdal Lakes, the Okhta River embankment and the Bestuzhevsky Garden will be continued this year.

Photo: St. Petersburg Committee for City Improvement