An exhibition "The fire of war did not burn souls" opened in St. Petersburg

02 February 2021

Unique archive documents are presented for virtual visitors.

The new electronic project has been posted on the Archives of St. Petersburg portal. Among the posted documents - unpublished diaries and memoirs of the Siege, collected by Daniil Granin and Ales Adamovich for “The Siege Book”.

The exhibition also features materials about outstanding cultural figures, thanks to which museum treasures were removed from the besieged city. In addition, the exposition contains information about the work of cultural institutions in wartime, posters, caricatures that were created by Leningrad artists in the difficult war years.

“There were about two dozen cinemas in the besieged city, showing documentaries and feature films. The State Public Library and the Library of the Academy of Sciences did not stop their work even for a day: employees decorated exhibitions and new acquisitions, residents of the city visited reading rooms and wrote scientific works,”the press service of the Archives Committee notes.