An educational exhibition of vintage cars “Velguts garage” opens in St. Petersburg in anticipation of AutoBlogger Show

02 February 2021

An educational space with an exhibition of retro cars and a car-history themedscavenger-hunt game has opened in Outlet Village Pulkovo. The space is organized by Velguts garage in cooperation with Auto Blogger Show with the support of the Time4photo photo project.

Representatives of Velguts garage and AutoBloggerShow, as well as the popular autoblogger Academeg (Konstantin Zarutsky), who was the first to test his knowledge in the game, took part in the opening of the exhibition.

“Retro cars remind me of my childhood. The smell, the memories, the sensations – it`sa world of its own! At first, it is a little scary when you get behind the wheel: "How will it drive?" – you think. Then you get a unique experience. I believe thatevents like this one should run on a permanent basis, especially in such a convenient location - this is avery small and cozy corner in the Outlet, with nice and friendly atmosphere, where cars from the 60s are presented and the music is good and matches the epoch. And then you emerge from this into a familiar, bright, modern reality”, - Konstantin Zarutsky, (known as Academeg) noted at the opening of the exhibition.

The original GAZ of the Great Patriotic War, the original 62` "Zaporozhets"  and the forgotten "Kineshma", the famous "Moskvich", SMZ S-3A, known as "Morgunovka", VAZ 2101 "Patrol-GAI-Police", and other legendary classic cars will not only showcase the achievements of the Soviet car industry, but also tell about the key historical events of their era.

In addition to the educational game, the guests of the exhibition are going to have an interactive tour developed by one of the co-organizers of the Auto Blogger Show - the MKC Company - using augmented reality technology. Each car can be "brought to life" by scanning the QR code in the application and pointing the phone camera at the image of the car. In a short video review, we show you the car in motion and tell you some interesting facts about it.

The “youngest” vehicle presented at the exhibition is 26 years old, and the oldest is as old as 77! All the exhibits are functional and represent all the historical epochs of the USSR, starting from the 40s. “We are pleased to present to a wide audience unique cars of the Soviet era, which have been collected throughout the country over the past twelve years, many of them needed restoration and repairs. The most important thing is that the exhibition provides an opportunity to get to know them better through new technologies and augmented reality, which, of course, resonates with young people. I am sure that the interactive format will not only be interesting, but also useful for everyone who wants to get in touch with our history”, said Alexey Verechev, a representative of Velgutsgarage, at the opening of the event.

On the opening day of the exhibition, the participants who successfully completed the educational scavenger-hunt game received memorable prizes from the organizers and partners, including tickets for the AutoBloggerShow-2021, which takes place this summer - July 31 - August 1 at the Expoforum Exhibition and Convention Center.

“We are looking forward to meeting all car enthusiasts. I am sure that we all will enjoy the warm friendly atmosphere, the show program and many unique cars. And, of course, theprize draws and the opportunity to meet favorite bloggers and witness the result of their creative genius, as well as recharge their enthusiasm and energy,”said Alexey Valkov, a representative of the AutoBloggerShow.

The AutoBloggerShowbrings together leading car bloggers, travelers, car enthusiasts and other industry experts, who will demonstrate their projects, share their experience and discuss the most pressing issues that concern every car enthusiast.

Ticket sales for ABS-2021 start today, February 1! Tickets can be purchased on the AutoBloggerShow and Expoforum Exhibition and Convention Center websites.

The educational space in Outlet Village Pulkovo, which operates in compliance with all the necessary epidemiological norms and rules,is open until May 31, and you can visit it free of charge during the working hours of Outlet Village Pulkovo.

The exhibition takes place in the art space, which opened on the territory of Outlet Village Pulkovo in December 2020. It is the first exhibition zone in St. Petersburg located on the territory of a shopping complex.

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