In February, the city will launch the first tourist route from the cycle "Arctic Petersburg"

04 February 2021

The cycle of Arctic routes in the Northern capital "Arctic Petersburg" is based on the previously published "Arctic Guide to St. Petersburg" and includes more than 60 urban objects related to the development and development of the Arctic.

The cycle consists of 5 parts-expeditions, according to the Committee on Arctic Affairs.

Among them is an introductory tour of the Arctic objects, which are located on Vasilievsky Island. This excursion is dedicated to the history and modernity of the exploration of the Arctic, as well as thematic excursions related to famous Arctic explorers, shipbuilding for the needs of the Arctic, famous Arctic expeditions that started from Kronstadt. In addition, within the framework of the cycle, it is planned to launch a specialized tourist route dedicated to the Victory in the Great Patriotic War.

While visiting the objects that are presented within the cycle routes, excursionists will get a comprehensive introduction to the history of St. Petersburg's participation in the development of northern latitudes, from the start of the first Arctic expeditions to the creation of modern icebreakers.

In the future, it is planned to continue this work, including the development of a series of thematic routes in St. Petersburg. These routes will be dedicated to the regions of the Arctic zone of Russia. It is planned to create a virtual route about the destinies of famous polar explorers buried in our city.

The city is also currently developing tourist routes from St. Petersburg to the Russian Arctic regions.

Development and launch of Arctic routes in St. Petersburg will be able to show that Arctic tourism is not only stereotypes about the remoteness of territories, eternal cold and endless ice, but also that Arctic tourism begins very close – in the Northern Capital.