A register of theaters and concert organizations was created in St. Petersburg. Its task is to counteract fraudsters

05 February 2021

The registry will allow users to protect themselves from duplicate sites.

“With the successive resumption of the activity of cultural institutions and an increase in the permissible occupancy of the halls, the sites-twins of theaters and concert venues have intensified their work,” says the Committee forCulture of St. Petersburg.

As explained in the message, such resources are disguised as official ones and they offer residents of St. Petersburg and guests of the city to purchase under the guise of real invalid tickets or pre-purchased tickets with a significant mark-up.

For example, in December 2020, a resident of the Leningrad Region purchased tickets for a total amount of more than 12 thousand rubles on a twin site of one of the city theaters. The Committee for Culture of St. Petersburg will support the woman's application to law enforcement agencies.

One of the measures to counteract the work of the clone sites was the creation of a unified register of theaters and concert organizations on the official website of the Administration of St. Petersburg. Thanks to it, it’s possible to find the official website of state theaters and concert institutions.

“Separately, we note that before buying, you should carefully study the name of the site and its structure. On the official website of any state cultural institution, you can always find information about the full and abbreviated name of the organization, location, postal address, information about the founder and constituent documents, etc. ", - the instructions given by the Committee.

A unified register of theaters and concert organizations is available at the link: