St. Petersburg is among the leaders in the Russian rating of attractiveness for the hotel business

09 February 2021

 St. Petersburg is among the leaders in the Russian rating of attractiveness for the hotel business

“Our city takes first places in the ratings in various directions - both business tourism and event tourism, we are among the leaders of places that are the most attractive for winter recreation and not only.  This indicates that, in addition to obvious reasons such as infrastructure, the level of provision of various services, many tourist opportunities, an information campaign to promote St. Petersburg as one of the most multidirectional tourist destinations is effective.  The result of the increase in tourist attractiveness is a positive economic effect in all sectors of the city's life and, first of all, it is an increase in investment attractiveness”, Sergey Korneev comments on the news.


The Chairman of the Committee for the Development of Tourism of St. Petersburg also notes that the measures taken in December to support the tourism industry - in total, this is more than 4 billion rubles - indicate the high rates of the City Government on the development of the hospitality sector as one of the most promising, including in the issue of restoration  city ​​economy after the pandemic.  “The measures to support the tourism industry developed on behalf of Governor Alexander Beglov and the measures taken by the city to support the tourism industry will not only, we hope, help the operating enterprises of the industry go through the difficult period caused by the pandemic, but also seriously increase the investment attractiveness of St. Petersburg for running a hotel business and developing new projects in  the sphere of hospitality.  By abolishing key regional taxes for enterprises in the hospitality industry for 2020 and 2021, implementing other measures, the city has shown a serious attitude towards tourism as one of the key areas of economic development in the Northern capital, which is and will be provided with systemic support.  Entrepreneurs and investors from other regions apply to the Committee with arrangements for the implementation of new hotel and other projects”, notes the Chairman of the Committee for Tourism Development in St. Petersburg.

As a reminder, in November 2020, St. Petersburg became the winner of the National Hotel Award in the nomination "The Best City for a Hotel Business with a Population of Over a Million Residents".  The cities of Russia were assessed according to the event calendar, legislation in terms of the development of the hotel business, the unique features of the region, transport infrastructure and economic potential, as well as the availability of qualified personnel and educational institutions.

As of the beginning of February, the occupancy rate of economy-class hotels in St. Petersburg is 35-40%, depending on the area, 4-5-star hotels - 20-25%.  According to optimistic forecasts, a gradual revival of the tourism industry and an increase in the flow of guests to the Northern capital will begin in February-March 2021.  This indicates a cautious revival of the tourism industry.

Analysts at Cushman Wakefield agency interviewed hotel operators for forecasts regarding the further development of the hotel segment in Russia.  The results are as follows: almost half of respondents (48%) expect the market to recover no earlier than 2023, a third (32%) - no earlier than 2024.  Another 10% named 2025.