Bolshoi State Saint Petersburg Circus will hold a charity show for medical workers

10 February 2021

The All-Russian charitable action "In the Name of Beating Hearts" will be held on 14 February 2021 in 20 circuses - branches of the Russian State Circus Company. The project was created to support employees of health institutions in the Russian Federation during the pandemic. The Bolshoi State Saint Petersburg Circus will join the action on 14 February at 1 p.m., and it will hold at the arena a fascinating one and a half hour show for medical workers of Saint Petersburg.

pandemic, we feel it acutely. The work of doctors, paramedics, nurses is a great dedication and responsibility. In difficult times, it was their experience, knowledge and speed of decision-making that worked wonders and saved people's lives.

The guests of the circus after a long time pause will be medical workers of Saint Petersburg who fought heroically against the coronavirus pandemic.

People in white coats gave the audience the opportunity to visit cultural institutions again. The circus show will be held in compliance with the requirements of Rospotrebnadzor and the recommendations specified in the latest version of the Government Decree of St. Petersburg No. 121, at 50% occupancy of the auditorium.

In turn, circus performers and animals are eagerly awaiting the show at the arena - they missed shows, applause, lively emotions and brilliant eyes of the audience.

“The past 2020 was a difficult year for all of us, and medical staff - doctors, orderlies, paramedics, technical workers, and nurses helped us to survive this difficult time. These people are the heroes of our time. And the first shows in our circuses will be specifically for medical workers - those people who made it possible to hold these shows,” said Sergei Belyakov, Acting General Director of Rosgoscirk (Russian State Circus Company).

Now the situation is gradually returning to normal, people are returning to their usual life. But medical workers remain on duty because their main task is to save lives.

“We dedicate our performances to all medical workers. Thanks to them for their everyday work, for the opportunity to breathe,” said Daria Kostyuk, organizer of the action, head of the Department for Development and Social Projects of Rosgoscirk.

 “We express our appreciation and respect for the people at the forefront in the fight against the virus. Their work is incredibly valuable to us. For these heroes, we will hold the first show after a long forced pause. And it is a great honor to start the season with a show for medical workers,” says Ilya Lyakhov, Director of the Bolshoi State St. Petersburg Circus.

The project "In the Name of Beating Hearts" is non-commercial, all tickets for the show are provided free of charge.