We continue to accept applications for participation in the VIII All-Russian festival-contest of tourist video presentations "Divo of Russia

10 February 2021

Tourist and related organizations, video studios, TV channels, museums, nature reserves and individuals from all regions of the country are welcomed to take part in the event.

Organizers pay attention that participation in the festival-contest is free. It will help regions with the help of the festival's video-streaming to get to know Russian territories much better, tourist events or tourist sights (only on the Yandex Zen channel, videos are watched daily by 30 to 100 thousand Internet users).

The deadline of applications and materials is March 31, 2021. More information about the regulations of the festival-contest, categories and nominations can be found on the following related to the contest sites https://www.divorossii.rf/ and https://www.divo.su/