Saint Petersburg is on the list of ten most popular cities and towns for lovestory trips

11 February 2021

For Saint Valentine's Day, the accommodation booking service has published an article on where most couples go on romantic travel in February. The rating is dedicated to Saint Valentine's Day, February 14.

Couples mostly book double rooms in hotels– 66.33%. Apartments are rented by 27.45% of couples. On average, two people spend 17330 roubles for a 7 day vacation in February.

Yalta is the most romantic town for a love story journey. 25% of couples go to the Crimean coast to confess love to each other and to celebrate the anniversary of their acquaintance or wedding. Another 12% of couples climb the mountains in Sochi and spend evenings together on the coast– 12%.

The list of top ten cities and towns for couples also includes: Saint Petersburg (9%), Moscow (8.5%), Kazan (8%), Krasnoyarsk (7%), Nizhny Novgorod (5%), Kislovodsk (4.5%), Suzdal (4%) and Yekaterinburg (3%).

According to the statistics of the service, tourists book a 1 to 8 night vacation for two people and spend from 1.7 to 3 thousand roubless per day on housing. It is cheaper for couples to book apartments in Kislovodsk and hotel rooms in Kazan for the February «weekend» than accommodation in Yalta.

The rating is based on accommodation bookings in February 2021 by tourists traveling as couples, mainly men and women.

Ten popular cities and towns for love story travel:

Yalta–  2963 roubles / 7 nights

Sochi–  2095 roubles / 8 nights

Saint Petersburg–  2602 roubles / 4 nights

Moscow– 2662 roubles / 2 nights

Moscow – roubles / 3 nights

Krasnoyarsk–  2199 roubles / 1 night

Nizhny Novgorod – roubles / 2 nights

Kislovodsk– 1701 roubles / 6 nights

Suzdal–  3815 roubles / 2 nights

Yekaterinburg– 2120 roubles / 3 nights