Food courts and food places reopen in St. Petersburg

11 February 2021

On February 10, the Governor of St. Petersburg, Alexander Beglov, signed new amendments to the decree "On measures to counteract the spread in St. Petersburg and prevention of a new coronavirus infection (COVID 19)".

According to them, food courts and food places are allowed to operate from February 12. At the same time, the safety standard must be observed and no more than 50% of the tables must be serviced.

Entertainment and leisure facilities are also opened (with the exception of night cabarets, clubs and discos) and entertainment and leisure activities are allowed in public catering establishments (again, subject to the safety standard and the closure of dance floors). Attractions located inside buildings are opened (subject to safety standards and occupancy of no more than 50%).

The occupancy rate of cinemas, circuses, theaters and concert halls increases to 75%. Up to 30 people can attend the marriage registration. The number of excursion groups has been increased to 20 people. Outdoor ice rinks can accommodate 1 person per 8 square meters. Up to 75% of the audience (but not more than 25 thousand people) are allowed to attend sports and physical culture events.

Other restrictions, in particular, the wearing of masks and gloves, are extended until March 10 inclusive.

We will remind, earlier from the association "Restograd" addressed to the Governor of St. Petersburg ‑ фn appeal was sent to St. Petersburg with a request to "allow the work of all public catering enterprises without exception". Representatives of the catering industry noted that many cafes and restaurants in our city, understanding the responsibility of the city authorities for the life and health of St. Petersburg residents, have already implemented increased safety standards.

Alexander Beglov noted that the established dialogue between the business community and the city authorities is the key to the conscientious implementation of mutual obligations. A responsible attitude to the observance of epidemic safety measures will help to reduce the number of diseases and to restore the city's economy as soon as possible.