Leningrad Zoo offered an unusual route in honor of 14 February

12 February 2021

14 February is another reason to confess your sympathy to someone who has liked for a long time or to remind how much you love your soul mate.

The organizers report that many people decide to spend Valentine's Day at the zoo, "after all, this is one of the most romantic places in the city: here you can watch monkeys raising a baby, parrots making a family nest or lions sleeping tenderly together."

For everyone who decided to spend 14 February at the zoo, the Leningrad Zoo has prepared a small route through the territory to make the visit rich and varied:

• 13:30 - a story about the animals of the Leningrad Zoo. Gathering everyone at the map opposite the central entrance to the zoo

• 13:50 - feeding harz (opposite the "Tigers" enclosure)

• 14:00 - feeding of polar bears (pool "Polar bears")

• 14:20 - feeding striped mongooses and meerkats (pavilion "Animals of prey", hall 2)

• 14:45 - feeding large cats (pavilion "Animals of Prey")

• 15:00 - feeding of primates (pavilion "Primates")

• 15:30 - lecture "Families in nature" (lecture hall)

The full program can be found at the link: https://vk.com/spbzoopark?w=wall-708996_18654