The new exhibition opens at the «Center of Contemporary Art which was named after Sergey Kuryokhin»

18 February 2021

The exhibition “Hommage to the Personage from collection of Sergey Kuryokhin” will take place at the "Center of Contemporary Art” from February 19 to March 18.

The collection of the Center contains works of contemporary artists who created their own characters on the edge of the XX-XXI centuries.

Cosmonauts and snowmen, elephants and dwarfs, doctors and musicians or mysterious entities continue the traditions of the "Petersburg devilry", which some way unexpectedly echoing the cinematic aesthetics of  David Lynch.

Some came from a Russian fairy tale, others are the artist's futuristic imagination, but the appearance of famous historical characters and portraits of our contemporaries could be also found here.

This carnival, a fest, phantasmagoria is presented at the exhibition by the works of the following authors: Vladimir Dubossarsky, Ivan Sotnikov, Oleg Kotelnikov, Nikolai Kopeikin, Vova Perkin, Dmitry Shagin, Georgy Guryanov, Andrey Bartenev, Sergei Chernov, Grigory Strelnikov, "Art Engineers": Inal Savchenkov and Sergey Enkov, Anatoly Belkin, Kostya Mitenev, Vladislav Mamyshev-Monroe, Sever-7, Dmitry Shorin, Andrey Krisanov, Alexander Dashevsky, Vladimir Abikh, Stas Bags and others.

The exhibition will be available from February 19 to March 18. Entrance is only with a ticket. Visitors must pay attention to safety measures!

More information about the exhibition:

Center of Contemporary Art. Sergei Kuryokhin - Ligovsky pr. 73, 4th floor.