Innovative train carriages will appear on the "red line" of the metro in 2022

20 February 2021

On February 19, the full-size model of the innovative Smart train was shown to the Vice-Governor of St. Petersburg Maxim Sokolov and Chairman of the Transport Committee Kirill Polyakov at the Oktyabrsky Electric Car Repair Plant.

The salon will be equipped with USB sockets, Wi-Fi modules and special screens - an interactive metro map.  Above-door scoreboards with creeping lines will inform about the nearest stations and interchange hubs.  For the first time, a "smart" window has been designed specifically for the new train, which can broadcast video onto transparent glass.

In the inner space of the carriage there are special areas for parents with wheelchairs, as well as people with limited mobility and their attendants.  A comfortable climate in the car will be provided by a modern ventilation system.  The lighting will change depending on the time of day: in the morning - a cold tone, in the evening - a warm one.  The designers offered two options for door mechanisms with a width of 1400 mm and 1600 mm, which is much wider than the doors on existing carriages.

“This idea will make it possible to speed up the embarkation and disembarkation of passengers, reduce train parking at the metrostation and increase the throughput of the metro in general,” said Maxim Sokolov.

 It is planned that the train will be able to enter the line already in 2022.  Passengers of the very first line of the St. Petersburg metro - the red line - will be the first to appreciate it.