Sycamore of Derbent will fight for European Tree of the Year 2021 title

20 February 2021

Ministry of Tourism and Vernacular Arts of Republic of Dagestan is informing that the winner of Russian Tree of the Year 2020 competition was the 283-year-old sycamore tree growing in the yard of historical Juma Mosque of Derbent.

Along with this, European Tree of the Year 2021 competition involving Derbent Sycamore as the only participant presenting Russian Federation is taking place since the 1st till the 28th of February 2021.

In 2021, Sycamore of Derbent has an opportunity to glorify not only Derbent but whole Russia by winning the prestigious European competition. It is to be noted that the green long-liver is not only Derbent but whole Dagestan’s iconic landmark. That Old World sycamore is popular with the inhabitants of the city as well as with tourists visiting ancient Derbent.

The competition is to take place on European Tree of the Year 2021 website ( The only difference between the Russian competition and the European one is that the latter’s voters have to confirm their votes from their e-mails.

The instruction of voting in European Tree of the Year 2021:

It is necessary to click on the link indicated, find Ancient Sycamore Tree on the list of the participants and mark it with CHECK, then choose any one more tree on the list, mark it with CHECK, too, and click LET’S VOTE!. Afterwards, a window with the participating trees chosen will appear. There you will have to insert your e-mail and click VOTE. If you do everything right, PLEASE CONFIRM YOUR VOTES notification will appear on your screen. That will say you need to enter your e-mail, open the letter themed Confirmation of voting in European Tree of the Year 2021 and click there on the link of your e-mail confirmation to account your vote. Perhaps, you will have to search for the letter in the junk mail folder.