St. Petersburg isamong top 10 popular cities for cottage booking for spring 2021

24 February 2021

Accommodation booking service determined cities where tourists book cottages for spring holidays most often. The list is compiled on the basis of cottage reservations made by tourists via the service.

Service analysts’ note that the number of cottage bookings has doubled compared to 2019. The number of popular cities has also went up 1,5 times. Timeperiods spent in cottages have become longer, but with fewer people staying at once. Simultaneously, the nightly rate has only slightly increased – by 4%. Women with children book houses 5% more oftennow, but cottages are still mostly popular among groups of travellers.

The most noticeable increase in the number of bookingsis recorded in Yalta: it nowtakes the 1st place among all cities in and outside of Crimea. Such resorts as Yevpatoria and Bannoye have also become more popular for spending spring holidays in cottages.

Mostfrequently,Russians book houses for their spring holidays in Yalta (20%), Sheregesh (13%) and Sochi (10%). The top ten popular cities for out-of-town recreation in the spring also included: Bannoye (8%), Lahdenpohja (6%), Kislovodsk (5%), St. Petersburg (5%), Andreapol (4%), Suzdal (3%) and Chekhov (2%).

According to the statistics of the service, tourists book cottages for2 to 11 nights and spend from 1,7 to 24,000 rubles per day. The cheapest cottages can be found in Kislovodsk, more expensive ones –in Suzdal. Most tourists rent cottages in the spring for biggroups of friends– 39%. Another 30% of bookings belong to couples; families make up yet another 20%.

Top 10 cities for booking cottages for the spring of 2021:

Yalta – 5143 rubles

Sochi – 3268 rubles

Bannoye– 4350 rubles

Lahdenpohja– 7437 rubles

Kislovodsk– 1667 rubles

 St. Petersburg – 3500 rubles

Andreapol– 2800 rubles

Suzdal– 23850 rubles

Chekhov – 4500 rubles