Mikhailovsky Theater resumes chamber concerts

22 February 2021

This was reported bythe Saint Petersburg Committee for Culture.

«To go beyond the main repertoire and find other ways to communicate with the public – this desire is in the creative nature of all musicians. On this basis, the idea of ​​a cycle of chamber concerts, where music-making has a different form and rules, naturally arose,» - the report says.

There are three programs for the audience. «A Magic Moment I Remember…» - on February 23.The concert is dedicated to the creative work of Mikhail Glinka. Participants are Svetlana Moskalenko, Anastasia Barun, Boris Pinkhasovich and Damir Zakirov.

On February 27, «Musical Kaleidoscope» will gather fans of popular music. Favorite melodies of Russian and foreign composers will be played by Ekaterina Egorova, Maria Litke, Dmitry Golovnin and Dmitry Darov.

On March 13, the program «It Happens in Spring…» will present a retrospective of film music from the 1930s-1970s.





Photo: vk.com/mikhailovsky_theatre