"Glutton series" at the Nicholas

26 February 2021

On February 27-28, a new gastro event will be held in Nikolsky Rows-"Gluttonous Row" in Nikolsky.

The food festival "Gluttonous Row" will be held on the last weekend of February. Historically, Nikolsky Rows were designed as one of the main markets of the city. At the end of the XIX century, the famous "Gluttonous Row" was moved here from the Haymarket – a place where every citizen of St. Petersburg could find a dish to taste. It was characterized by seasonal products and a huge open-air assortment.

Meat specialties from different countries - from the Netherlands to Spain, from burgers to fajitos, ribs in honey mustard and smoked duck breast, shops with Spanish, Italian, Georgian delicacies – "Gluttonous row" in Nikolsky exactly corresponds to its name.

Everyone can eat from the heart and buy goodies to continue the feast at home. This weekend, the entrance to the market in Nikolsky Ryady is free, for the first time in the history of the project.