Medical tourism in St. Petersburg: modern sanatoriums in the cradle of the spa industry of Russia

03 March 2021

With the increased attention to the healthcare sector as a whole, it has become natural that society and business are keenly interested in the opportunities and perspectives of the spa industry. St. Petersburg today is the subject in Russia that has created the Medical Tourism Agency with 100% participation of the city government.

Natalia Goncharova, "Who's Who in Medicine"

The domestic spa business was born exactly in the north-west of the country three centuries ago: by the decree of Emperor Peter I, the first balneological and mud resort in Russia was opened in 1719.

St. Petersburg has a solid foundation in this industry, and due to the competent use of natural, climatic and geographical factors, there are good prospects for the sanatorium-resort sector. St. Petersburg Medical Tourism Agency, created under the Committee for the Development of Tourism of St. Petersburg, promotes the services in this area. The chairman of the Committee Sergey Korneev introduced the journalists to the possibilities of the industry focused on the all-season customer reception.

Without exaggeration, the historical sanatorium of the region - the Sestroretsk resort - is an example of following the traditions and preserving the resort atmosphere familiar to our compatriots. People come here as to an old faithful friend, caring and hospitable. A pool with mineral water and mud therapy, three meals a day, a buffet - everything, as the regulars of Russian health resorts are used to and love. Currently, the sanatorium also provides its patients with rehabilitation after Covid-19.

The sustainability of the industry is based on a scientific approach to health restoration, rehabilitation and recreation. The medicine in this area of Russia has accumulated sufficient experience and never ceases to improve its methods and technologies. The doctors follow the latest trends and try to master promising innovations in due course.

Certainly, the strong point of the industry in St. Petersburg is the medical staff, doctors that work in the city's sanatoriums. These are professionals, behind whom there is the accumulated experience of generations of domestic specialists, proven approaches and established author's methodology.

Another example of a traditional St. Petersburg resort is the “White Nights” sanatorium, located in a pine forest on the shores of the Gulf of Finland. The institution is a part of the “Sogaz Medicine” clinic Group and, along with the re-equipment of the material base, has updated the concept of the sanatorium. Thus, the list of services now includes aesthetic medicine - a demanded area that has attracted new streams of customers to the “White Nights”. In the new epidemiological conditions, the priority in the work of the sanatorium is the admission for rehabilitation of patients who have undergone Covid-19.

The scientifically substantiated period of spa treatment is 21 days. However, such a long break away from work is not available to everyone - some people are limited to rest during the weekend. The challenge for the industry is to provide all the opportunities to fulfill such a request. Moreover, modern methodology and procedures allow you to restore health in a short time.

An integrated approach to recreation and recovery of citizens is one of the current trends.

An important factor in the prospective development of the resort sector is the aspiration to satisfy the varied demands of clients for fashionable wellness procedures. In combination with proven methods of many years of practice, they strengthen the health of the sanatorium guests and help to return to daily activities full of energy, with a charge of peppiness and optimism.

Thus, the X-Clinic for Adaptive Medicine offers programs that combine traditional methods of wellness medicine with recently popular detox complexes. This is an institution of a completely new type on the spa services market in Russia, where any client can feel the individual approach in its full expression.

The investments in the sanatorium and resort industry of St. Petersburg have recently become more attractive: when a long foreign vacation is impossible, the warm seas and sandy beaches of the south are inaccessible, a busy person begins to look around in search of a suitable place to rest and restore health not far from home. The investment legislation of the northern capital makes it possible to find an optimal solution for a business that has decided to invest in the sphere of domestic tourism, including medical tourism. Public-private partnership in this area is supported by the authorities and further effective development.

The increased attention to anti-aging, prolonging youth, life and health medicine is a request of present days. This approach is implemented in the programs of the resort "First Line. Health Care Resort ". The landscapes and design of the rooms and suites feed the eyes, and the service deserves the most demanding VIP clients. Although, certainly, all the guests of this surprisingly comfortable and attractive resort become VIP.

The traditions of family weekend trips have not been forgotten either: many Russian families have been practicing such short-term vacations in the recreational areas of St. Petersburg since Soviet times. Landscapes familiar from childhood, coupled with clean air, saturated with sea freshness, give only pleasant impressions. Cheer up, soak up the energy of the sea and get a range of wellness treatments – that is a great way to spend a weekend in a modern business city.

The neighborhood of the sanatorium "Dyuny" with the private stable "Paradise" has become one of such special ways to acquire new impressions, which is not available in a big city. Communication between man and animal and active rest in the spacious areas that the sanatorium provides, gives the necessary charge for seminal work.

The 2020 pandemic has made a number of adjustments to the functionality of sanatoriums and resorts in Russia. For example, the “Chernaya Rechka” (“Black River”) heart medicine center is currently accepting patients who have undergone Covid-19 for rehabilitation. This large sanatorium on the shores of the Gulf of Finland is one of the oldest cardiological centers in the country. Its motto is "We heal the heart with the heart." And, of course, cardiac patients remain the main focus of attention of doctors in the "Chernaya Rechka". The fundamental principle of the work of medical personnel here is to rely on methods of evidence-based medicine.

Such a less than complete spectrum of the sanatorium and resort industry in the northern capital was presented to our correspondent during a presentation organized by the St. Petersburg Medical Tourism Agency, a management company promoting the services of institutions of this identity.

The material was prepared as a result of a series of 5 informational and familiarization press tours that took place from November 28 to December 7, 2020 in the Northern capital. It was attended by 50 journalists and bloggers from different regions of Russia.