Excursion "Emancipated St.Petersburg"

05 March 2021

The walking tour "Emancipated St. Petersburg", marking the Day of March 8th, tells about the fate and fortunes of famous residents of Saint Petersburg, whose names can be associated with the idea of "female emancipation". Among them are empresses and revolutionaries, "socialites" and the first students of St. Petersburg University, artists and muses of the Silver Age, actresses and activists.

The heroines of our walk share common features. These women, by personal example, manifested outstanding mental abilities and strength of character to the whole world. They had courage, energy and independence, which allowed them not only to take an honorable and equal place among historical male figures, but also to challenge many stereotypes that were ingrained in men’s heads of those times.

We will see the Winter Palace of Peter I, whose decrees changed the attitude towards women in the state for the first time.

We will walk along Millionnaya Street, where the famous noblewoman Golitsyna, nicknamed "the night princess" lived, and will talk about the first girl officially accepted to study at St. Petersburg University.

And on the Field of Mars, we'll recall the history of St. Petersburg art cabarets of the Art Nouveau era and, of course, the role played by classy ladies like Olga Glebova-Sudeikina in the culture of St. Petersburg at the beginning of the 20th century.

Registration:  https://spb-gbu-ctib.timepad.ru/event/1575239/

Photo: Maria_Domnina / pixabay.com