"More-Okean" in St. Petersburg

09 March 2021

The new exhibition hall of the State Museum of Urban Sculpture and the " Sad Granat " mosaic studio, with the participation of the "Mosaic Collaboration", open the "Sea-Okean" exhibition.

The exposition combines the works of authors who have found their vocation in the meditative process of creating mosaics. The exhibition presents seascapes and abstract variations on the theme of the sea, made in different techniques and stylistic directions of mosaic art.

According to ancient ideas, the world arises from Chaos, which is personified by the waters of the world's oceans. So the mosaic arises from the chaos of scattered fragments that merge into a single whole in the hands of the creator. His task seems impossible - to limit this infinity to time and space. In each of the mosaics the need to be here and now is sealed, each of them is one of the hypostases of the sea, each is a fragment of the author's life. The artist fills the work with meaning, which can be found in the technique of performance, in the mood, and in each individual fragment.

 The exhibition is open to visitors from March 6 to April 4, 2021.