A mailbox for bad memories was installed on Elagin Island "Black Heart of Shrovetide"

09 March 2021

The black heart personifies the cold winter, the past year and all the darkest events associated with it.

events associated with it.

From 5 to 11 March, in the courtyard of the Konyushenny building (next to the Cafe Na Yelagin), a black heart-shaped mailbox will collect all your troubles and bad memories over the past year, the press service of the park reports.


1. Write or draw a message (you can take a pen and paper in a cafe)

2. Let the message down the heart until March 11, 2021


On March 14, will take place the ceremony of burning the main effigy of Maslenitsa - a symbol of the cold winter, and with it all the troubles and failures that are enclosed in the BLACK HEART.