The magical world of St. Petersburg: a city of beautiful museums, creativity and great secrets

09 March 2021

The Northern capital is an ideal place for family tourism. After all, St. Petersburg is famous not only for its beautiful architectural structures and drawbridges, where you can take great photos and selfies, but also for educational museums and exhibitions that will help the whole family to have fun and usefully spend time together. “AiF-Kazan” will introduce some of them to our readers.

"Arguments and Facts", Konstantin Kyakinen

Fun activities for young fidgets

It's easy to build a dizzying career at the age of six, get your first work book and start earning. In the ultra-modern Kidburg game library, children get acquainted with creative and engineering professions, and adults can learn a lot about the merits of their children. A child can spend the money earned in Kidburg on his own: someone for entertainment, and someone investing in his “business”. And most importantly, the child's work book remains forever and he can come with it next time.

Revived history and geography in layouts

Do you want to travel from Kaliningrad to Kamchatka in a few hours without leaving St. Petersburg? Fine. No problems. In the museum "Grand Layout Russia" on an area of ​​almost 800 square meters, the life of our country is shown - trains are going and unloading, builders, miners, oil workers are working. Forests, mountains, seas are perfectly shown. Everyone can see a familiar image - the Moscow Kremlin, the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg. Models are not static, day turns into night, and winter turns into summer. In addition, when the buttons are pressed, the models start to move. And then everything comes to life!

And on the multimedia map of the world of another amazing museum "The Universe of Water" reserves of fresh and sea water are shown. Also, there appeared an interactive model of a person, which demonstrates how much water is contained in different organs and tissues of the body.

In the historical museum-layout "Petrovskaya Aquatoria" young fidgets and their parents will be able to feel like pioneers, builders of the new capital of Russia, St. Petersburg and its environs - Kronstadt, Oranienbaum with the now lost fortress of Petershtadt, Peterhof and New Holland. On 500 sq. meters of the exposition unfolds the events of the Petrine era - the creation of the Russian fleet, more than 1000 buildings and 25,000 characters are presented. By pressing a button, you can see how the royal carriages move, sailboats sail, shipyards are built.

Certainly, those who love history should definitely visit Kronstadt, the sea capital of the Russian Empire. "Island of Forts", Alley of Heroes of the Russian Navy, Naval St. Nicholas Cathedral, the House of Lighthouses will not leave indifferent either children or parents.

Play toy soldiers, paint a mug and go ice skating

In the Tin Soldier Museum, visitors can feel themselves like army commanders or regiment commanders. Win a great victory or suffer a shameful defeat. It is interesting that, together with children, this game is to the taste of dads who did not play enough in childhood. In addition, in the museum you can see the process of making a figurine of a soldier and a large-scale collection that every man dreams of, regardless of age.

At the Imperial Porcelain Factory, built back in 1744, you can create your own personalized mug. The services created at the enterprise adorn the residences of the President of Russia, heads of foreign states, expositions of the largest museums in the world. Now you will have them too!

In winter, in the very heart of St. Petersburg, an ice rink opens in New Holland. In a short time, it became one of the most romantic places in the city.

We also recommend to visit

In the world's largest planetarium, you can plunge into the world of space. Guests are given the opportunity to rotate the dome and control movement in the projection of the Universe, as well as take many unique photographs. You will learn more about circus traditions and superstitions at the Museum of the Great St. Petersburg State Circus.

In the Museum of Russian Railways, you will see a cutaway steam locomotive and try yourself as a train driver. Vivid impressions are guaranteed for adults and children. In the Capella of St. Petersburg, you can take part in musical performances of different genres, listen to great music.

And connoisseurs of military equipment should certainly visit the Lenrezerv - a private collection of military equipment, cars and other exhibits that have survived since the Second World War. A family vacation in St. Petersburg can be planned in an interesting and useful way. Learn a lot of new and unusual, as well as see your children from the other side.


The material was prepared as a result of a series of 5 informational and familiarization press tours that took place from November 28 to December 7, 2020 in the Northern capital. It was attended by 50 journalists and bloggers from different regions of Russia.


Photo: "Arguments and Facts"