St. Petersburg in December: a view from the Volga Federal District

10 March 2021

In early December, at the generous invitation of the St. PetersburgCommittee for TourismDevelopment, “Pravda PFO” online newspaper, among other media outlets, took part in a press tour of the sporting landmarks of the Northern Capital.

“Pravda PFO”, Blog author: Andrei Ivanov

St. Petersburghas only one disadvantagein winter: the day breaks at 10 a.m., justlike in Ufa, but it gets dark at 3 p.m., like in Cheboksary. However, this fact is beyond the Tourism Committee’s control. Otherwise, everything was splendid. Especiallynoteworthy was the cuisineof St. Petersburg’sbest restaurants: “Hitch” on Moskovsky Prospect, “Mais” by the Lakhta Center, “Goose Goose” on Konyushennaya Street, “Gollandskaya Kuhnya” in Kronstadt, “Karl and Friedrich” near Gazprom-Arena, Kuznya house in New Holland and others, where we were lavishly treated by the organizers of the press tour. Not to mention the breakfasts atthe 5* Corinthia Grand Hotel, which included champagne and the view of theNevsky Prospect!

When visitingGazprom-Arenain winter, you canjust wear a T-shirt, due to thesliding roof that keeps the place warm. In addition to the main football arena of St. Petersburg, we also explored hockey, volleyball, basketball, wrestling, tennis and cycling venues. The tennis academy is actually located on the Kamenny Island, so we were able to see the fanciestlocalneighborhood at the same time.

I particularly enjoyed the Peterhof Golf Club. Have you ever played golf in Peterhof in December? Yes, my dear colleagues from Volga Federal District, there is absolutely no snow in St. Petersburg, and there has not yet been any this year. The temperature here is a quite comfortable2 degrees above zero. It’s a greattime to learn how to play golf: as they say in the Peterhof Golf Club, more transactions take place during thisgame than at the stock exchange.

“New Holland” is the most beautifulof the new tourist attractions of St. Petersburg,although not the most hyped up one. Previously, the warehouses of the Navy were located here, but since 2010, with the help of Roman Abramovich’13 billion rubles, the island has transformed into something resembling Muzeon and Gorky Park – but with a unique St. Petersburg flavor,of course. Here you can find street installations, offices, museums, fitness centers, a wonderful skating rink and a bunch of catering facilities.

I was also very lucky to see the legendary “Saint Petersburg Dam” and the south water-way near Kronstadt. In case of a floodhazardtoSt. Petersburg, the floodgates will rise here directly from the bed and block the entrance to the Neva Bay. Behind my back is “Fort Alexander I”, famous for the coolest rave parties.


The material was prepared following a series of 5 informational and introductory press tours held from November 28 to December 7, 2020 in the Northern Capital. It involved 50 journalists and bloggers from different regions of Russia.

Photo: “Pravda PFO”, Andrei Ivanov.