Russia's Silver Necklace: Maslenitsa Festivities

10 March 2021

The interregional project «Russia's Silver Necklace» invites you to eat pancakes, participate in horovods (circle dances), take part in master classes and go sledding downhill as a part of celebrating the Maslenitsa holidays (Butter Week) of saying goodbye to winter. You can see all the shades of the ancient Russian holiday of the Sun in the North-West of Russia on March 13-14.

Loud fest of saying goodbye to winter «Make Some Noise, Maslenitsa»

Date: March 14

Place: Saint Petersburg, Kirov Central Park, Elagin Island, 4

Spend the winter as they used to do it in the old good times in Russia! With horovods, loud amusements, songs, fistfights, delicious pancakes, a fair of folk crafts, a ritual burning of the Maslenitsa effigy. Elagin Island will be full of concerts and playgrounds! It will be very cheerful!

Maslenitsa feast at the Liteiny Theater

Date: March 14, 13:00 and 16:00

Place: Saint Petersburg, Liteiny prospect, 51

The Liteiny Theater has come up with an unusual kind of performance: the audience is invited to large table together with the artists. Guests will taste homemade pancakes, learn the history of the national holiday, join a merry horovod and make a Maslenitsa doll with their own hands.

Cheerful Maslenitsa festivities in Pavlovsky Park

Date: March 13-14

Place: Saint Petersburg, Pavlovsk, Sadovaya street, 20

A big bright holiday of saying goodbye to winter will traditionally take place on the territory of the most beautiful Pavlovsky Park. The program includes: folk games and fun, sledding, a snowy town for children, concerts, pancakes and a burning of a huge Maslenitsa straw effigy.

Maslenitsa in Kaliningrad

Date: March 12-14


Place: Kaliningrad, Telman street, 3,amusementpark «Yunost»

The program includes: more than 20 gastronomic projects; Maslenitsa rituals; photo zones, Maslenitsa effigy; fair of «handmade» handicrafts and souvenirs; hot drinks and pancakes to every taste. Let's meet this spring together in a bright, tasty and festive way! Entry is for free.

Tourist Information Center of the Kaliningrad Region

Maslenitsa fun in the Viking Village

Date: March 13 (13:00-16:00)

Place: Viking Kaup village, Romanovo village, Kaliningrad oblast

The program includes: carnivals with Vikings and folk craftsmen, tea with pancakes, dances, games, archery, fighting with evil spirits for a Winter effigy, burning the Winter effigy on a big fire.

Maslenitsa on the island of Kizhi

Date: March 8-14

Place: Republic of Karelia, Kizhi island

Take a fascinating journey along the snow covered Lake Onega, get acquainted with a pearl of Russian wooden architecture, the Kizhi architectural ensemble. You will be able to enjoy sledding from the mountains, Maslenitsa festivities with a folk group and funny ditties, Maslenitsa songs, folkdances and traditional games of the Onega region. The festive mood will be supplemented with fragrant tea from a samovar and traditional Russian pancakes with jam.

Let's Celebrate Maslenitsa in Kindasovo!

Date: March 8-14

Place: Republic of Karelia, Kindasovo village

A unique opportunity to celebrate the holidays in the most cheerful village of Karelia, Kindasovo. Here guests will be symbolically initiated into Kindasovo residents, invited to taste «Shuisky tea» and Karelian Chupukat pancakes. All guests will be able to take part in the «Kindasovo Warming Up», a master class on Karelian shepherd instruments, throw pancakes and light them by the fire.

Maslenitsa festivities in Zubrovnik!

Date: March 6-14

Place: Leningrad region,Toksovo village

Maslenitsa open airfestivities in the countryside with traditional amusements will take place in Zubrovnik, the only ecological park in the North-West. Here they are preparing to spend the winter by having a fest with mulled wine and skomorokhs (medieval East Slavic harlequins), fair entertainments and a symbolic ritual of burning a Maslenitsa effigy. Horses and ponies will walk nearby. But most importantly guests will be able to get acquainted with unique animals–zubrons. For organized groups only.

Pancake week with dungeon skomorokhs in the Sablino Caves

Date: March 8-14

Place: Leningrad region, Tosno district, Ulyanovka village

The annual Maslenitsa masquerade event will take place in the Sablino Caves. As apart of the program, guests will be able to participate in a trip to a mysterious underground, visit the «cavemen», get acquainted with the fortune of the female owner of the Copper Mountain. The program also includes contests and quizzes, a symbolic ritual of burning a Morena stuffed effigy, a promenade to waterfalls and, of course, tea and pancakes!

Maslenitsa Finno-Ugric traditions «Like A Maslenitsa Week»

Date: March 13-14

Place: Finno-Ugric Ethnic Park, Komi Republic

Guests will enjoy pancakes and kalach cakes from the oven, interactive outdoor programs, sport games and relay races, souvenir master classes. Guests will be able to test their accuracy and dexterity in archery and spear throwing, as well as immerse in to the history of Finno-Ugric hunting, see real snares and traps for wild animals, take part in Saami soccer and Zyryan basketball tournaments. Special offer for the youngest visitors: conquering a snow town.

«Spring Comes to the North!» fair

Date: March13-14

Place: Murmansk, the pedestrian zone of Vorovskoy street

From 11:00 to 19:00 an art market, thematic inter active platforms, carousels and photo zones are open here every day. At the entrance, guests are greeted by the «Maslenitsa» sculpture made of ice brought from Lake Imandra. On March 13-14 all guests will be offered pancakes with hot tea for free in the pancake house! A wonderful fire show will be performed to say goodbye to Maslenitsa on March 14 at 18:30.

The «Pancake Festivities»

Date: March 8-14

Place: cafes and restaurants of  Veliky Novgorod

Cafes and restaurants of Veliky Novgorod have prepared the most delicious and traditional (and not only) pancakes with a wide range of fillings! Take an unforgettable Maslenitsa gastronomic journey to Veliky Novgorod!

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