The Covid-19 restrictions on night discos extended until March 28

10 March 2021

On the 5th March St.Petersburg  Governor Alexander Beglov altered Decree of the Government of St. Petersburg dated 13.03.2020 No. 121 "On measures to counter the spread of a new coronavirus infection (COVID 19) in St. Petersburg."

The restrictions on public events, on the activities of night cabarets, clubs (discos) and hookah smoking are extended until March 28. Also, until March 28, the obligation of self-isolation for persons over 65 years of age and patients with chronic diseases is extended, as well as the transfer of these persons to remote work.

For the executive bodies of state power, the organization of leisure and solemn events with the full-time presence of citizens is allowed only on behalf of the Governor of St. Petersburg.

Also, until May 15, the restrictions previously established by the decree remain. Until September 30, restrictions on the provision of services in organizations for the recreation of children and youth and their rehabilitation, located in St. Petersburg, are extended.