Park "Palace of Fairy Tales" may start to be built in 2022

11 March 2021

The project was approved and sent further for state examination.

Architect Mikhail Mamoshin told about this. His words are quoted by the "Petersburg Diary" edition. The architect believes that the construction of the "palace" will become an event in the architectural life of the country.

“If we talk about facade solutions, we are already accustomed to the fact that in such projects we adhere to a kind of “national-romantic style ”. Like all kinds of fairs with villages, in this form of kitsch. I was guided by the standards of the St. Petersburg school. As an example, the Feodorovsky town is a complex of structures in the city of Pushkin on Akademichesky Prospekt near Fermsky Park, or as the building of the A.V. Suvorov,” says Mamoshin.

Placed "Palace of Fairy Tales. A.S. Pushkin "in Tsarskoe Selo in Buffer Park near the railway.