Wide Maslenitsa festivities will be held in Pavlovsky Park

11 March 2021

They will take place on March 13 and 14.

The program of the holiday was told in the Committee for Culture of St. Petersburg. So, the center of the holiday will be the Festivities Square, where fans of jokes and fun, hot pancakes will gather to say goodbye to the outgoing winter, welcoming the sun and spring.

At 10.00, Russian folk songs and barkers will sound on the main stage. A scarecrow of the Little Maslenitsa will be installed at the stage. On its background, visitors will be able to take photographs with fairy-tale animators.

Among the entertainments available to guests there are competitions, relay races, throwing felt boots, running in sacks, tug-of-war, sawing wood, and comic wrestling with a masked "bear". For children, there is a children's town with games, quizzes, performances of an accordion player and a balalaika player.

At art gatherings near the main stage, craftsmen will teach how to make application Russian folk style from multi-colored paper, and traditional carnival dolls from hay, fabric and ribbons. In the culmination of the first day, a fire show will take place, which will end with a performance by the vocal and dance group "Russian Soul".

On the second day of the holiday, a large bonfire and a dummy of the Great Maslenitsa will be erected on special metal sheets in the center of the Festivities Square. During the day, everyone will be able to attach their little homemade carnival to it. A big bonfire, in which the effigy of the big Maslenitsa and all the small ones will burn, will be lit during the final enchanting fire performance "Goodbye, winter!"