2 billion Rubles will be allocated to finance the third round of cashback from Rosturism

15 March 2021

This was stated by Mikhail Mishustin on March 11 at a meeting of the Government of the Russian Federation. At the initiative of the Federal Agency for Tourism, the programme for the return of part of the funds spent on travel in Russia is being prolonged. The corresponding decree will be signed in March, after which the Federal Agency for Tourism will announce the start dates for a new round of the campaign - the launch will tentatively take place at the end of this month.

At the meeting of the President with members of the Government on March 10, the head of the Federal Agency for Tourism Zarina Doguzova said that due to the cashback programme, it was possible to increase the load by 30-40% in November-December, which are considered low season months, thanks to which Russian tourists saved 20% of the cost of travel.

Sergey Korneev, Chairman of the St. Petersburg Committee for Tourism Development, notes: "On behalf of Rosturism, a plan is being worked out for an early start of the tourist season this year, and the cashback programme will further stimulate travellers to travel around Russia. Based on the experience of February and March, when on holidays St. Petersburg has become one of the leaders in visitor numbers, it is possible to predict the attraction of a large volume of tourists for the May holidays. The previous rounds of the cashback programme from Rosturism have shown efficiency and demand — according to the results of the second round of the campaign, our city is in the top five in terms of the total cost of bookings. St. Petersburg managed to "win back" 20% of losses in 2020 on account of domestic tourism. That is why we were making proposals for the extension of the campaign and are fully prepared to implement the decisions of the country’s Government."

The programme will reduce the cost of about 300 thousand travel services, among which are hotel booking and purchase of air tickets and tours. The cashback will provide an opportunity to actively develop domestic tourism and support the tourism industry.

"All programmes that promote domestic tourism should be supported and developed," President Vladimir Putin said during the March 10 meeting.

According to the Federal Agency for Tourism, last year 350 thousand people took part in the programme, in the framework of two rounds tourists spent 6.5 billion Rubles, while cashback amounted to 1.2 billion.

In addition: Rosturism extends the cashback programme until June 2021: https://www.gov.spb.ru/gov/otrasl/c_tourism/news/206195/

For reference:

The urban policy in the tourist industry is aimed at the preservation and further development of the industry. Before the onset of the second wave of the pandemic, on behalf of the Governor of St. Petersburg Alexander Beglov, the Committee for Tourism Development, together with the expert community, developed a number of proposals for new tax incentives and other support measures. According to the decisions made, for 2020-2021 hotels, sanatorium-resort organizations, travel companies, as well as transport companies that carry out tourist bus transportation on a request basis are exempted from the main regional taxes. The corresponding amendments to the legislation were adopted by the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg and signed by the Governor. Together with direct financial support in the form of loans provided by the city government on December 28, the total amount of support will be about 4 billion Rubles.