Little Sveta’s Saint Petersburg Diary

12 March 2021

Once upon a time, I wrote that I felt St. Pete was my city. It was not Leningrad, not Saint Petersburg, but, for some reason, it was St. Pete. Why was it so? Because as soon as something went wrong in my life, I’d immediately begin to pack my bags for St.Pete. “That’s all, I’m leaving, I’ll be fine there, I know it, I can feel it”. I liked everything there: the damp weather, and the white nights, and the drawbridges, even the scary well-courtyards, and the kind of the city’s brokenness and madness. I would tell everyone about St.Pete, about the opportunities that open up there for everyone to agitate them to go with me - and I would stay in Rostov. And St.Pete would stay without me.

"SM news", Svetlana Lukyanchikova

Well, hello there, it's me

And so I'm going to St. Pete. For the first time in my life. And just when everything does not go well - when the coronavirus pandemic is in progress, when almost all museums are closed, when everyone is wearing masks and there is a persistent smell of sanitizers everywhere. Yes, St.Pete was not what I had imagined it to be all my life, it was hundreds of times better. I was discovering this whole new St. Petersburg world as a child, and the direction of "Family and Children's Tourism" suited me very well. Therefore, I will call my further stories about the days of my life spent in St.Pete "Little Sveta’s Diary of Saint Petersburg Impressions", and there will be many of them - thanks to the organizers of the press tour.

After a two-hour flight, I really wanted to stretch my stiff legs, and when the Kidburg dance class turned out to be open, little Sveta immediately took advantage of it.

While children were absent in Kidburg due to the pandemic, little Sveta and her friends gladly looked into all corners of the city of professions: with real dental instruments, space simulators, bank identifiers for counterfeit bills, postal services and even a lunar landscape.

The employees of Kidburg were not surprised by our childish enthusiasm: it turned out that twice a year they would organize visiting days for the whole family - children, parents and grandparents. Grandfather Misha can become a farmer, mom Dasha - a fashion designer, and little Sonya can accept the proceeds from them as a bank manager.

St. Pete’s Boys Games

I am sure that the majority of St. Pete’s residents are also little girls and boys, Svetas and Yuras. For I have not seen so many models in which everything moves, spins, floats, flies anywhere else. You need to go to the "Grand Model Russia" for the whole day and preferably with binoculars in order to see all the small scenes from the life of Russian people. Despite her rather big weight little Sveta flew from one part of the model to another,  narrowing her eyes in an attempt to see what was farther away, and had to literally beat herself on the hands so as not to touch a fluffy tree or a blue rivulet. For there is something to take a look at - the area of ​​the model is 800 m². This is the largest model in Russia and the second largest in the world. The author and investor of the project, St. Petersburg businessman Sergei Morozov, gathered a large team of like-minded enthusiastic people who were ready to create this miracle under his wing. There’s no need to tell about it though, it‘s better to see everything with your own eyes!

This is the creators’ cri de coeur.

In the evening at the Helvetia Hotel little Sveta  skipped dinner for the first time in her life, because lunch at the author's cuisine restaurant Bourgeois Bohemians turned all Sveta’s ideas about delicious food upside down, and she wanted to keep her taste sensations longer.  The whole chapter will be devoted to St. Petersburg food in the little Sveta’s diary, I promise.

The windows of the hotel room overlooked just an ordinary well-courtyard, but there was nothing depressingly St. Petersburg in it: cozy benches with rugs, plants and New Year's deer. A fabulous Christmas mood.

Little Sveta fell asleep peacefully and dreamed of snow-white buttresses.

The material was prepared as a result of a series of 5 informational and familiarization press tours that took place from November 28 to December 7, 2020 in the Northern capital. It was attended by 50 journalists and bloggers from different regions of Russia.